• Microgrid array
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  • Micromesh array


Microsurfaces unique polymer inserts enable dynamic live cell analysis of extended live cell imaging experiments. It is now possible to image single cells up to thousands of cells with single cell resolution for high content imaging and analysis applications in immunology, drug discovery and screening as well as embroid body formation.

The versatility and flexibility of the microcell array inserts allow for unprecedented access to cellular events not possible before with live cells, increasing the quantity and quality of the data collected from a single live cell imaging experiment.

The advantage of the microcell arrays means no more time consuming fixing based time course experiments.

Extended imaging and tracking of sub-populations of cells or single cells over multiple generations is now possible resulting in more cells and more results in less time.

Latest news

MATLAB tool box for processing time lapse movies of live cells

A Nature Communications paper has been published which uses 50 μm microgrid arrays to develop T-cell family division trees to reveal patterns in proliferation dynamics.

MATLAB tool box for processing time lapse movies of live cells

John Markham from the National ICT Australia has developed a MATLAB based tool box called MATS (Microgrid Array Tools) to process time lapse microscopy experiments using microgrid arrays.



Latest news from Microsurfaces

We have now released a FREE sample of our microgrid arrays which contains 1 array of each of the following sizes; 50 μm, 125 μm, 250 μm and 500 μm.

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